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The Courses are led in an informal and practical way, in a variety of settings, the wine cave, vineyard or tasting room. Sue is the resident course leader although guest tutors are invited to deliver some of the course material. All have excellent qualifications and experience in their particular field.

Currently all courses and tours are held in English.


All areas of wine production from the vine to your glass can be covered, with each course adapted to suit your needs depending on your previous knowledge and experience. 

Course Duration.

Courses are either One Day, Three Days or Five Days.

Visits to vineyards, wineries and wine caves are always included, an excellent opportunity to meet and see the winemakers and viticulturists at work. A chance to ask them about their grape growing and wine making techniques also to sample and purchase their wines. 

Course Content.

The course content is usually built to reflect what is happening in the vineyard or winery at that time, making it highly relevant. For example if you would like a practical knowledge of vine pruning then the time to come and visit is from late November to the end of February or if harvesting or pressing the grapes is your thing then late September and October would be appropriate. 

However, regular courses are held throughout the year which cover aspects such as:

  • Deciphering the Label
  • Wine Making
  • Local Terroir
  • The Vine’s Year
  • Storage and Ageing

More advanced courses cover a variety of subjects such as:

  • Botrytis and Sweet Wines (Chenin Blanc)
  • Wine Making
  • Organic and Biodynamic methods
  • Recognising Wine Faults

Our Courses and Tours can be intermingled, for example, a one day Course can be added to two days of wine tours.

Course Prices.

We aim to provide an attentive and personal service, and to that end, courses are personalised and customised to meet your needs. Should you require further information then please email your requirements to Sue or Micaela at