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Today in the Vineyard

9th January 2007 - Mulching completed in the vineyard. Plastic sleeves can be seen protecting newly planted vines. Local pests are hares, rabbits, deer and badgers.

8th January 2007 - The tractor shreds the prunings to a fine mulch returning nutrients to the soil.

7th January 2007 - After pruning to a single Guyot the canes not selected for next years growth are pulled out and left in alternate rows to be shredded.

5th January 2007 - An irrigation system in place at Les Clos des Cordeliers, so this must be an experimental parcel. Irrigation does not yet conform to French wine regulations for AOC.

 4th January 2007 - Cabernet Franc vines at Clos Cristal, pruned but not yet pulled out. Clos Cristal has several km's of walls with a unique method of growing vines on the north and south facing sides of each wall.

3rd January 2007 - Vines pruned to single Guyot, leaving a cane with eight buds.

2nd January 2007 - Vines ready for pruning  by hand having already been pre-pruned by machine to the top foliage wire.

1st January 2007 - Happy New Year. A new day and a new year dawns over the vineyard.

25th December 2005 - Happy Christmas from the heart of the Loire Valley Vineyards!  With best wishes for a joyous festive season and a healthy, prosperous and bountiful New Year 2005. Come and see us soon. SUE & MICAELA XX

14th December 2005 - The vines lie dormant after the harvest and the frost starts to hit -2 degrees today and falling! The machine harvesting leaves the stalks on the vine as seen here. Pruning is already well underway and is predominantly on a single Guyot trellis system.  Spot the new puppy...